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What happens on a shoot?

I have shot fitness all over the world from New York to Rio and every shoot is different. Some are outside, some inside. A lot of my fitness shoots are in my own bespoke studios in London. I have also been known to bring a supercar or two to shoots, adding an extra element of excitement to a photoshoot.

This is a glimpse of a couple of recent shoots. My main aim is to end up with a few artistic and different photos. If the model ends up with 4-5 really good and different (from other photographers) photos, then I am happy. The aim is not to bombard you with 100 photos of the same pose but end up with 1-2 good photos out of each outfit. Which brings me to outfit. Outfit and hair/makeup as well as your condition are what will dictate the final photos. Come with a dodgy outfit, and your photos will look dodgy!


* Mismatched outfits are a no-no

* Old bikini/clothes are a no-no

* Colourful outfits/bikinis are a no-no - You now, like a leopard pattern with a thousand colours!

* Things which don't show off your physique are a no-no

* Dirty clothes are a no-no (although there is always photoshop!)


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