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The difference of over 2 decades!

When I first started shooting fitness in the late 90s, it was a different look people would come in with. People were more natural and more humble.

Fast forward 10 years and many women were coming in with breast implants. Fast forward another 10 years to now, many come with breast implants, some other surgery or procedure AND a whole host of tattoos. Men also come in with some having had "something" done.

Are we more insecure as a society or is it that we just have more choice?

What are people going to be like in another 10 years? Microchip in the brain? I wonder.

I definitely preferred the look of the late 90s and even the attitude of the late 90s. People are way too stressed and eager to look a certain way these days. So much pressure from social media to look a certain way.

I try and do what I do best which is to give the subject an artistic look that I feel makes them look ...well.. artistic! I am not swayed by their expectations or social media pressures.


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