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Amazing photoshoots in the studio or out!

Unlike most photographers who are one trick ponies, I have been told that my style is very varied and versatile. I can shoot you in the studio and can just as well shoot you on a beach or in the pool with the same high quality.

If you pay close attention to other photographers, whilst their studio work may be amazing, their outdoor work is not of the same standard and vice versa.

When you shoot with me, you are going to get the same standard whether indoors or outdoors. I see you as art, I see you as clay and I aim to mould you and make you look like a priceless piece of art that is appreciated for years to come.

I have had people come to me 10-15 years post shoots and thank me for capturing their looks on that day in that way. Remember, you won't always be fit, ripped, muscular and young. Age catches up with everyone.

When you shoot with me, you will be part of history.


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