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Why I shoot Fitness

I have shot fitness since 1997. It’s not a full time job, it’s not even a part time job. I’m way too busy to shoot fitness if I was to be honest. It’s time consuming and draining. You need to study your subject beforehand, be aware of their flaws and their strengths, get the mood right, get the lighting right, get the conversation right, get the right props, keep the boyfriends and girlfriends out of the studio and concentrate on the job at hand. No distractions for the subjects or for me. Then comes the even more time consuming post-production. 

I select few people to shoot. They need to have the right look and be in shape. It’s not that I’m picky; it’s that I don’t want to do them a disservice by not doing a great job. If I’m shooting you, then you have my undivided attention. My brain is working 1000x harder to try and do my best for you.

I shoot fitness because I have been told my shots are like no other. They may not look magazine-glossy or like the “norm”. That’s why those who have seen my work call it “artistic” and yes, my fitness shots are racy and sexy. You don’t want to pay hard-earned money and look normal? You can do that with an iPhone in your bathroom! 

If you come in shape with the right outfits that complement your body and skin tone, you will leave happy. You don’t have to be confident, you don’t have to be experienced. You just need to be in good shape and trust the photographer. You need to trust me. 

A few tell me: “I don’t want to look THAT sexy.” Or “Your shots are just a bit too edgy”. Maybe. I have had people come to me 10-15 years after being shot and thanked me for capturing them in that time of their life in the way I did. You forget, you won’t always look young, fit, tight, sexy. Age catches up with everyone. 

Capture your best today.

Why am I more expensive than regular fitness photographers? Simply because I am not a regular fitness photographer. 

Sometimes people are hesitant or worried. They look at my photos and say, “but we don’t look as good as these people”. 
I say: “neither do they!”


Parham Donyai, June 2022


If you want a unique artistic interpretation of your physique as it is today, get in touch.

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